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About Our App

Art Intrest is an app which focuses on the community aspect of Art. Find new art galleries, cafes and museums all around the world through this app. We present community-curated lists which provides you with the best information regarding the happenings in the art world. Discover obscure art locations and share it with others. Look up the best art schools in your area which provide the best art lessons for you! All under one umbrella!

Art Gallery

Find art galleries around the world with our app! Art Galleries exhibiting, contemporary art, modern art and many more! Know any obscure art galleries yourself? Do feel free to share it with the art community by signing up in our app!

Street Arts

Do you want to visit places which display really cool graffiti art but you don’t know where? Fret not! With the community-curated list of cool art locations, you are bound to find a place which fulfils your soul! Also, you can share obscure art locations if know some!

Art Cafes

Find the coolest and snazziest art cafes in town with our app! Do you run an art cafe yourself? Get on board and share your location with the best art community, through our app!

Art Schools

Well curated list of the best art schools all around the world, right at your fingertips!


Sign up and see what you have never seen before. You can find museums close to you or find art events near you. There are great museums near you which need more travellers to visit so help travellers find museums near them.

Art Shops

We are adding a new category for listing craft shows near you which will help travelers to find craft fairs near them and locate art shop near them.

How The App Works?


Sign up into ArtInterest with a click of a button! You can either use your social media handle for signing up or you can use your email address for the same. Signing up gives you full access to our app !

Upload intresting location on the Spot

Upload on the spot with ArtInterest! You can upload any art spot you find in real life to ArtInterest on the spot. Just take a picture and you are good to go! Keep an eye out for Hidden art!

Add the Details

Creating a listing is pretty easy on ArtInterest. Add details about the spot you found. If it is street art be sure to mention the coordinates properly so that another art lover isn't confused. And that's it, good to go!


After you have captured the picture and entered all the necessary details that are required, publish the listing so that many more art lovers can enjoy the spot you suggested. Sharing beauty enhances its splendour.

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