No, it’s a free service.
As we are doing this for free there is a limitation in the number of artworks you can upload. You can either delete your old artworks to upload new one or if you want to upload more works then please contact us and mention it in the message.

A. Right now the art gallery is limited to paintings, but as we are getting so many inquiries from sculptures & crafters we have a plan to start a separate section for other media of artworks, where they can list their artworks. But due to our limited human resources that will take some time.

When you upload artwork you will get an email and once you got rejected or accepted you will get another email notification too.

A. Joining ArtD’Hope is open for everyone, Any mode of the artist whether it be a watercolour artist, pencil artist or digital artist, anyone can join in here. But only the selected artworks will be published in the gallery after being curated by our panel of artists.

Firstly, you got to register on our Community website.
You will receive a verification e-mail. You need to verify your account.
After that login to your dashboard and you will find options for uploading artwork on the top right side of the head section of the website.
You can modify your profile details from the top right side drop down menu.

A. ArtD’Hope is a non-profit organization and hence, does not solicit commissions. However, artists may choose to donate a portion of their earnings to support us.

  • Share your listings on your social network – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other social media that you have an account with.
  • Be an active member in our online and offline activities and events
  • Invite other artists to join ArtD’Hope and spread the word!

A. Yes, absolutely. We are an artist friendly organisation, and a non-profit association of artists. We never force any artist to sell exclusively through our website. It is completely up to you. However, we do expect that you keep us updated about your listings, and continue to update the status of your listing on the website.

A. No we prefer publishing artworks directly from artist.

After login to your account navigate to your profile.
When you hover the mouse on your own artworks, you will see delete and edit option appear.
This options will appear only on your own artworks and only when you are logged in.