About Us

An Art Organization for a Better Spectacle World.

ArtD’Hope Foundation is an association of artists and a non-profit organization that aims to connect patrons and lovers of art with unique, independent artists, and create a positive difference to the society. ArtD’Hope Foundation is a section 8 Non Profit Company (CIN U92140KL2016NPL046029) A section 8 Non Profit company may be formed for “promoting commerce, art, science, charity or any other useful object.” ArtD’Hope operates differently from other non-profit organizations; it has a two-fold aim to generate income with the help of art and artists, and contribute a portion of this income to social causes assessed and selected by ArtD’Hope.

We strongly believe that the gift of seeing the beauty and expression of art should be an opportunity for as many people as possible; hence our primary cause is to help individuals suffering from curable cases of visual impairment or blindness. WHO estimates there to be 39 million people afflicted with blindness globally, of which 80% were preventable or are curable. India has the largest population of blind people in the world, and ArtD’Hope’s long term mission is to reduce the number of blind people in India.

We are committed to helping as many as we can, through the generosity and support of its artists and patrons. ArtD’Hope is happy to extend its support to other social causes or community initiatives.

Promote Art

Promoting Art & Artist to an international audience by using the help of latest technology and marketing techniques. Creating an online community of artist to showcase there portfolio and sell there creations.

Create Network

Creating a curated network of artist to work together. Events and online communities will provide an opportunity to grow professional networks, and learn from industry experts.

Social Impact

Joining together and creating a helping hand by the most creative people who can understood the humanity better. Through the support, and association of our artists and patrons, trying to make a a better world.

Join Now & Be the Part of this Great Movement in Art Industry

create your space in the artist network for making a better world.


ArtD’Hope provides you with a global platform to promote your art and generate income. Creative social marketing techniques are blended with the latest technology to ensure that your work receives international exposure, and maximizes online footfalls that have the potential to convert into sales. Our curated base of artists provides access and enables you to interact with other artists. Online communities and organised events will provide an exclusive opportunity to connect and learn from well-known, established artists.

ArtD’Hope is not just a website for the sale of your art – it is where you expand your professional network and harness your potential.

ArtD’Hope strongly believes in artistic success balanced with generosity. Hence, as an artist, you have a choice to contribute a portion of your income back to the social cause of helping individuals suffering from a curable case of visual impairment or blindness. The selection and assessment of beneficiaries of this donation is decided by ArtD’Hope.

you can browse through paintings and sculptures of a wide range of artists and buy desired artistic creations. You can choose to buy original work which, you will be pleasantly surprised to find, is easily affordable. You can also place orders to buy copy-prints of the originals. At ArtD’Hope, art is accessible to you in the form you desire!

By purchasing art through our website, you are not only nurturing your passion and appreciation for original creations, but also serving the community. At the discretion of the artist, a portion of the sale amount may also be donated to treating people suffering from curable instances of visual impairment or blindness. ArtD’Hope decides the beneficiaries of such donations.

ArtD’Hope is committed to creating awareness, and providing support to the visually impaired and blind.