A. Firstly, you got to register at our website http://www.artdhope.org/join-artdhope/ You will receive a verification e-mail. You need to verify your account. After that login to your dashboard and you will find options for uploading your artworks & other details. Remember that you need to login into your DASHBOARD to submit your artworks. We will publish the submitted artworks in our website after curating and editing.

As of now, we haven’t started direct selling options, Right now buyers contact us directly we will connect them with the artist. We will contact the artist and it’s the artist who will decide the amount of the painting’s sale. And when we help you sell your art works you can either donate a portion of the amount.

Once we start direct sales options, selected artworks will be included in that. We will contact you if your artworks are included in direct sales options.

A. Joining ArtD’Hope is open for everyone, Any mode of the artist whether it be a watercolour artist, pencil artist or digital artist, anyone can join in here. But only the selected artworks will be published in the gallery after being curated by our panel of artists.

A. As of now, the membership fee is free. Feel free to join.

A. We are doing such process manually, as we are a non-profit group we have very limited human resources. Therefore it may take some time for the works to get published. But once it published we will send you an email. Your paintings will appear in the gallery section only after curated by our panel of the artist.

A. ArtD’Hope is strictly a non-profit organisation and hence, does not solicit commissions. However, artists may choose to donate a portion of their earnings to support our social causes.

A. Right now the art gallery is limited to paintings, but as we are getting so many enquiries from sculptures & crafters we have a plan to start a separate section for another medium of artworks, where they can list their artworks. But due to our limited human resources that will take some time.

A. If you are not able to register using the registration form. Then, you can send your details to this email for including your portfolio in our website.

Please send your email, mobile, Profile picture, About me (a short paragraph about yourself & your experience) & few paintings (name of the paintings).

A. You will have an Artist Profile or page here at the Art D’Hope Foundation website if you are an artist and your works are selected by the panel of artist.

You can edit your paintings, delete them or add more and you don’t have to pay anything its free. You will have a profile in the Artist’s section over here http://www.artdhope.org/artists-gallery/ and it will stay there forever.


  • Share your listings on your social network – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other social media that you have an account with.
  • Be an active member in our online and offline activities and events
  • Invite other artists to join ArtD’Hope and spread the word!

A. Please check our event section and while joining your email address is subscribed to our newsletter so you will receive notification about future events or partnered events..

A. Yes, absolutely. We are an artist friendly organisation, and a non-profit association of artists. We never force any artist to sell exclusively through our website. It is completely up to you. However, we do expect that you keep us updated about your listings, and continue to update the status of your listing on the website.

A. No we prefer publishing artworks directly from artist.